Serious Injury Claims


Serious Injury Claims

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious, life-changing injury it’s vital that you seek professional, specialist legal advice. If someone else was at least partially to blame for the injuries, you may be able to claim compensation to help you plan for the consequences of the injury.

Our specialist team provides expert legal advice in different languages to clients who have been involved in a wide variety of accidents. They operate on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that you won’t pay any fees unless your case is successful.


What is a serious injury?

There is no exact definition of what constitutes a serious injury. However, the term is mainly used when referring to injuries that have life-changing consequences which will affect you for the long-term or even for the rest of your life. These might include:

  • Being unable to work any longer in your chosen career
  • Needing specialist care or rehabilitation
  • Loss of limbs or mobility
  • Requiring significant adaptations to your home or vehicle

Because of the many ways that a serious injury can impact upon your life, it’s vital that you plan carefully to give yourself the best possible chance of receiving a settlement that fully covers all of these changes.


How can serious injuries arise?

There are many ways that serious injuries can arise and these include:

  • Road Traffic Accidents, either as a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian
  • Falls from Height in either the workplace or in public
  • Workplace accidents such as being trapped by machinery or struck by a falling objects
  • Criminal incidents such as assaults or grievous bodily harm

The list above shows some of the more common examples of how serious injuries arise. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury – including fatal injuries, we recommend that you contact us to discuss the incident in more detail.


What sort of injuries can I claim for after a serious injury?

You can claim for just about any type of injury, provided that the incident and injuries were at least partly someone else’s fault. Given the main causes of serious injury, understandably most accidents result in injuries to multiple parts of the body.

Any injury that is likely to significantly impact on your long-term future should be included in your claim. You will have received medical advice immediately following the accident and as part of your claim we will include medical reports to ensure that your claim for compensation reflects the full extent and impact of your injuries.


How much compensation might I receive?

The amount of compensation you receive very much depends on your specific circumstances. That’s why we recommend that you get in touch with us promptly so that we can discuss the details of your accident with you.

You may be able to claim for the following if they are a direct result of your injuries:

  • Compensation for distress and upheaval
  • Loss of earnings and financial losses incurred
  • Medical costs, prescription fees, care and rehabilitation costs
  • Modifications to your home or vehicle
  • Damage to your property
  • Travel expenses incurred


Do I have a valid claim for compensation?

If you can answer yes to all three of the following questions, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your circumstances further:

  • Was the incident within the last three years (or two years if it was a criminal act)?
  • Was someone else to blame for the incident?
  • Were you injured as a result of the incident?

Answering ‘yes’ to all three doesn’t mean that a successful claim is certain. However, these questions are key to the claims process. Answering yes to all three does indicate that you have a greater chance of being entitled to claim. Getting prompt, specialist legal advice could be beneficial.

Because of the time limits, it’s important that you contact us promptly so that we can start the process for you.


How do I begin a compensation claim for a serious injury?

Call us on 0208 1111 911 or contact us through the website and we’ll discuss your circumstances with you. The first call typically takes about 15 minutes and in that time we can usually determine whether or not it’s realistic to pursue a claim for compensation.

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