International Wills, Trusts & Probate


International Wills, Trusts & Probate

If you have assets in other countries or want to leave money or assets to beneficiaries in other countries, professional legal advice can help you find the best way to administer your will. An international will makes the process significantly easier to determine how your estate will be distributed.

Our specialist team advises clients in different languages on a wide range of legal matters. Call them on 0208 1111 911 or contact them through the website to discuss your circumstances with them.


How do International Wills operate?

The way your international will is arranged will depend heavily on your circumstances, depending on your nationality, the contents of your estate and the countries you have assets or beneficiaries in. All countries operate differently in terms of probate and in some cases you may be better served by having multiple wills.

If for example you have large assets, such as a property or a business, in one particular country then a local will in that country may be more appropriate. We can advise on the best will (or combination of wills) based on your circumstances.

If you are distributing assets to beneficiaries in another country, as well as a separate will for that country, you may be able to arrange trusts in that country too. Tax regimes will also vary greatly between countries, so it’s important to get professional advice, based on all of your international assets.


What other legal services might I need?

If you have property in the UK and might need to arrange a transfer of ownership or even sell the properties, our Residential Conveyancing department can help with the legal processes for this.


How do I get advice on International Wills, Trusts & Probate?

Call us on 0208 1111 911 or contact us through the website and we’ll discuss your circumstances with you. We’ll then arrange a time to discuss your requirements in more detail and to explore the assets and beneficiaries you have in different countries. The initial call is free, and if we can help you, we’ll recommend the best course of action and advise you of our fees before you decide to instruct us.

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